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Apart of Me has registration expedited by the Charity Commission

14 July 2021

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Making Waves

Since the inception of Apart of Me - our multi-award-winning Bafta-nominated service for grieving young people - we have gotten a lot of lovely mentions in the media. We have been featured on TV, radio and online by the likes of the BBC, The Guardian, Huffington Post and ITN.

Louis, one of the co-founders of Apart of Me, is an expert in child psychotherapy and grief with nearly 20 years of experience working with vulnerable children. In February 2020, he received a Points of Light Award from the Prime Minister’s Office in recognition of his work with Apart of Me.

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Press Highlights

“Apart of Me is an incredibly powerful game that looks to guide young people through the loss of a loved one.”

Games That Mean More

App Store Story

“We felt it was really important to create a safe space that young people could connect to at any time, 24/7 - because the other thing about grief is that it doesn’t wait for your 50-minute weekly appointment with a counsellor.”

The Game Which Helps Children Talk Openly About Grief

BBC Radio 5

“A game is a very good way of spending time with yourself. There’s the concentration, and a lack of distractions and anxiety. It gives you a space to think things over.”

Grief In Video Games: How Gaming Can Help Us Confront Death

Evening Standard

“The [Tech4Good] awards recognise organisations and individuals who use digital technology to improve the lives of others.”

How Apps Have The Potential To Save Lives

The Guardian

“One feature allows users to create a treasure chest with digital memories of the lost relative.”

The Tech Gadgets We Can Actually Get Excited About In 2018

The Guardian

“The main message of Apart of Me is that, despite the horrendous loss these young people are facing, it is possible to see the terminal illness of a loved one as something they can grow and learn from.”

We Created A Game To Support Young People When Someone They Love Has A Terminal Illness

Huffington Post

“Charlie uses a new app called Apart of Me, which is specifically designed to help families cope with life-limiting illnesses and grief, to process his emotions.”

‘We All Need To Talk About Grief’: Advice From A 13-Year-Old Boy

ITV News

“It acts as a peaceful and safe virtual world which aims to assist young players deal with the gravity of loss and the idea that their loved ones are no longer with them.”

5 Games That Help Us Deal With Losing Our Loved Ones

Syfy Wire

“Apart of Me is designed to help kids explore feelings and learn coping strategies for grief and loss while on a quest set on a magical island.”

Helping Kids Deal With Grief During The Pandemic

USA Today