Welcome to your island

When someone you love dies, it can feel like everything has turned upside down. But you’re not alone. Apart of Me is a beautiful world, built to guide you through your darkest moments, where...

  • You can feel safe and rediscover a sense of calm
  • You can hear the stories of people like you who have had similar experiences, so you know you aren’t alone
  • You can learn to accept your feelings, however intense or uncomfortable they are
  • You take on real-world quests to discover the strength and wisdom deep inside you.

Apart of Me has been designed by grief experts and young people who have had a similar experience to you.

So come and discover a magical, peaceful world populated by friendly creatures and a wise guide.

You will get through this. Apart of Me can help.

Don’t just take our word for it

Apart of Me has been featured on BBC Breakfast, ITN and Channel 5 and has been nominated for all sorts of awards.

  • Winner of Best Youth Focused Emotional Support Application in the 2018 Technology Awards
  • 2018 Pfizer Healthcare Hub awards: Finalist
  • 2018 Tech4Good Awards: Finalist
  • BAFTA Games Beyond Entertainment 2019: Shortlisted

Most importantly, we have received many lovely comments from people who have played with the game. Rosabella wrote in a Google Play review: “This game is beautiful. It helped me a lot in my time of need. It has calmed my anxiety down tremendously. The rock pool is so useful, I go there when I wake up to start my day nice and when I go to sleep. The stories are my favorite part, I listen to one whenever I can. Thank you for this game, I love it so much.”

Even comic genius Stephen Fry declared: “Wonderful idea!”

So, you’re in safe hands.

Download it now

Apart of Me is freely available to download wherever you are in the world from both the iOS App Store and on Google Play.