Grant Writer and Fundraising Assistant

Your role/title at Apart of Me:

Grant Writer and Fundraising Assistant Volunteer

How are you involved with Apart of Me?

I wanted to gain more experience in grant writing as this is what I would like to do one day, so I was excited to see the opportunity for a grant writer volunteer suddenly pop up on LinkedIn. Although I haven’t personally been affected by grief, I know many people over the years who have, particularly young men who have a tendency to bottle things up sometimes. I’m excited to be part of this project with the aim to talk more openly about grief, which can seem like a ‘taboo’ in our society.

I am helping with trusts and foundations research currently, drawing on the experience I had as a corporate fundraising intern at an older people’s charity. I am also hoping to help with the corporate fundraising strategy as I have some experience in this area.

Is there someone or something that you love that isn’t here anymore?

My grandfather as he passed away when I was very young. I’m sad that I never got to know him as it sounds like we’d be quite similar from the stories I’ve heard.

What is guaranteed to make you laugh?

My crazy cockapoo called Bertie!

List some silly facts about you:

After cutting a family member’s hair in lockdown, I realise that I am definitely not cut out to be a hairstylist. They thought I cut it well, but I didn’t give them a mirror to look at the back…

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Every problem is an opportunity in disguise.